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Local Rules

Ceding strokes to the course for positive handicaps

For 1+ handicap, stroke given on 7th hole

For +2 handicap, stroke given on the 17th hole

  1. Out of Bounds: All boundary fences, the car park, starters box and clubhouse unless marked by white pegs.
  2. Relief from Marked Trees: Where a tree marked with a painted stake interferes with a player's stance or area of intended swing relief MUST be taken as per 24-2 (b) (one club length)
  3. Stones in bunker: Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions and are removable (Rule 24-1)
  4. Temporary Local Rules: Any temporary local rules applying are posted on the notice board.

Local Information:
Fairway Marker Blocks are located 135 metres from the front of the green.

Ground Under Repair: Areas are marked on the course and/or posted on the notice board.


Care of the Course

  • It is essential that players make every endeavour to ensure the course is kept in top order by co-operating as follows:
  • Keep to paths where they are provided.
  • Do not walk through areas closed off by greens staff.
  • Carefully replace divots on fairways and rough.
  • Carefully rake bunkers after playing bunker shots. Rakes to be placed in centre of bunkers away from line of ball flight.
  • Don’t take trundlers between greens and greenside bunkers.
  • Carefully repair pitch marks on greens using a pitch mark repairing tool.
  • Avoid standing close to the hole while attending, removing or replacing the flagstick.
  • Don’t remove balls from the hole using the blade of a club.
  • Observe current policies and notices regarding the use of golf carts.
  • Ensure all rubbish is put in the containers provided at each tee.
  • Ensure cigarette butts are not left on or around the course, and are disposed of properly