Ashburton Golf Club - Brandon Links

Visitor Information

The Ashburton Golf Club - Brandon Links is open 365 days of the year.  All visitors are welcome to play the course, and to join in with members on club days.  Please phone the Golf Club or Pro Shop to check course availability.

Annual 2 Day Club Tournament

Held, generally in the last weekend of February, (Format - teams of two, Saturday - two person Ambrose / Sunday – 2 ball best ball) all visitors welcome to play in the tournament, provided they have an official NZGA handicap.

Local Rules

  1. Out of Bounds: All boundary fences, the car park, starters box and clubhouse unless marked by white pegs.
  2. Relief from Marked Trees: Where a tree marked with a painted stake interferes with a player's stance or area of intended swing relief MUST be taken as per 24-2 (b) (one club length).
  3. Stones in bunker: Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions and are removable (Rule 24-1).
  4. Temporary Local Rules: Any temporary local rules applying are posted on the notice board.

Ceding strokes to the course for positive handicaps

Local Information

Care Of Course

It is essential that players make every endeavour to ensure the course is kept in top order by co-operating as follows...

Club Days Period Starting Time
Tuesday Women 18 Hole: Apr - May 9:30am
  Jun - Aug 10:00am
  Sep - Oct 9.30am
  Nov - Mar 9:00am
Wednesday Men 18 Hole: Jan - Dec 11:30am
Thursday Mixed 9 Hole: Feb - May 9:15am                                            
  Jun - Aug 9:45am
  Sep - Oct 9:15am
Saturday Woman 18 Hole: Jan - Dec 8:30am                                            
Saturday Men18 Hole: Winter 8:00am and 12:00pm (multiple tee starts) 
  Summer 8:00am and 12.30pm (multiple tee starts)
Saturday Mixed 9 Hole: Winter 1:30pm
  Summer 1:00pm
Sunday Play: Jan - Dec 12:00pm

NZ Motor Caravan Association
We welcome all members of the NZ Motor Caravan Association who would like to stay and play. You are all welcome to park up and enjoy a round of golf at our lovely course. Terms and Conditions as per your website. 

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