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Men's Section 


Scores for Wednesday Stableford Competition 11/10/2017

Winner: Peter Kiddey (Tinwald) 95-30-65: 43pts
Brayden Wood 42pts
Neil McDonald 39pts
Robert Pawsey 39pts
 Barry Jury 36pts
Brian Donaldson 36pts
John Richards 36pts
Bruce Ferriman 35pts
Peter Bain 35pts
Twos: Brayden Wood
Closest to the Pin (No14#) Philip Kerr

Saturday 14 October

The winner of the annual Presidents vs Captains match was the President 27-10.
Nearest The Pins: 
Braided Rivers: Murray Moorehead;
Rothbury Insurance: Brian Fauth,
Netherby Meats: Robbie Bell,
South Island Seeds: Adrian Hopwood,
Charming Thai (longest putt) Paddy Bradford
Twos: Ian Rive, Barry Jury, Stewart Dunlop, Murray Moorehead and Ken Clucas.
Birdy Jackpot:#14                                Nett Eagles: #13


Nine Hole Stableford

The winner with 23 points was Andrew Teale.  Other winning scores were: Wendy Hopwood 22; Brian Fauth and Peter Wright 21; Peter Huggins 20.


Sunday 15 October
Aorangi Champions of Champions

This event was held at Fairlie and won by the team of Jordan Green, Paddy Bradford and Kevin Smith.  Jordan won the Senior grade, Paddy was joint second in the Intermediate grade and Kevin third in the Junior grade.

Sunday 15 October

The winners of the annual Leftis Tournament held at Ashburton were: Stableford – Janelle Lewis with 46pts; Nett – Bryan Donaldson 67; Gross – Jeremy Goodman 72; 2nd Lady – Jane Helmore.  Other good scores were: Paul May and Neil MacDonald 40pts; Josh Ackerley and Darren Lewis 39pts; Brian Fauth, Peter NcGee and Ross Preece 38pts.


Women's Section 

10 & 14th October 2017 - LGU

Silver: Wendy Parr 71 on count back from Pauline Bell
Bronze I: Hilary Ward 73 on count back from Sue Hastie
Bronze II: Jenny Williams 72
Bronze III: Jan McArthur 75 on count back from Judy Sheppard


Tuesday 17 October 2017 Winifred Tucker Brooch - Stableford

Jenny Stoddart 48, Kay Fox 42, Pam Feutz 41, Margaret Bean 40, June Wills 39
Nearest the Pins: 
No 4 Gabites: Helen Hawksby
No 8 House of Travel: June Wills
No 12 Lynn’s small Salon: Allison Hewson
No 14 Todds of Ashburton: Bev Turton
No 4 Somerset Grocer 2nd shot:  -
No 18 2nd Shot to Green:  Margaret Bean
Twos: Bev Chinn No8


Silver Champion
36 Hole AD Reid Tray and Button: Ginny Bolderston Geraldine 153
Runner Up: Judith Yates North Otago 164
36 Hole Nett Button: Alison Barrett Pleasant Point 144
Runner Up: Sharon Patrick Temuka 146
Bronze Champion
36 Hole Gross Peggy Lister Tray and Button: Sandra Gibson Tokarahi 179
Runner Up: Dawn Plew Lower Waitaki 181
36 Hole Nett Button: Dawn Plew Lower Waitaki 139
Runner Up: Jeanette Allnutt Waimate 140
Bronze Runner Up
36 Hole Nett SCWGA Trophy: Sue Pennycook Lower Waitaki 142
Runner Up: Paula Goodman Geraldine 146
Best 18 Hole Nett am or pm Round all Grades not in winning team and 50th Anniversary Salver: Sandra Quinn Rakaia 64
Gross Stableford Rosebowl and Buttons - 36 Hole Team Gross
Geraldine (Ginny Bolderston, Roz Hobbs, Paula Goodman) 121
Pru Sanders Rosebowl and Buttons - 36 Hole Team Nett
Lower Waitaki (Sandra McGookin, Dawn Plew, Sue Pennycock) 433
Twos: Ali Barrett, Dawn Plew, Hilary Ward, Jude Simpson, Sharon Bradford, Jan Clucas



 Bronze B Champion: Margaret Hore (Tokarahi) 91-26-65 Runner Up Joan Bryan (Gleniti) 100-30-70 on c/b Anne McSweeney (Temuka) 99-29-70
Bronze C Champion: Val Richards (Waimate) 114-41-73 Runner Up Margaret McKenzie (North Otago) 107-32-75 
Bronze B Runners Up: Sue Gutsell (Tinwald) 102-31-71
Gay Henderson Tray for Teams: Tinwald (Sue Gutsell, Val Prendergast, June Bruhns) on c/b from Temuka (Anne McSweeney, Faye Mulvey, Liz Attridge)
Twos: Rhonda Gallagher (Ashburton) Margaret McKenzie (North Otago) 


Nine Hole Section - 12th October 2017 - Stroke

Women: Wendy Smith 33
Men: Mike Smith 36


RMF Cup results as at 14/10/17:


Name Total Points
Lovelock, Chris 190
Blacklow, Tom 173
MacGregor, Brent 157
Bird, Jordan 153
Hewitt, Dave 147
Rive, Ian 146
Fleming, Greg 144
Sparrow, Greig 139
Beaven, Shane 133
Wood, Brayden 125
Smith, Kevin 124
Ackerley, Joshua 121
Carlson, Ronald 119
Sutton, Noel 118
Hopwood, Adrian 117
Carr, Vince 116
Tait, Matthew 116
Davidson, Brendan 115
Ralston, Chris 114
Dunlop, Stewart 109
Wackrow, Murray 109
May, Paul 108
Morgan, Peter 108
Clucas, Ken 107
Overend, Jason 107
Lambert, Ray 103
Hii, Wilson 102
Power, John 101
Sa, Tufuga 98
Jansen, Gaby 95
Bradford, Paddy 95
Crawford, Gordon 90
Jamieson, Royce 90
Day, Bruce 89
Niles, Hamish 87
Jury, Barry 85
Brown, George 82
Bell, Robbie 81
Alexander, Charles 79
Turton, Pat 79
Walker, Peter 77
Strange, Sean 77
Pawsey, Robert 72
Greer, Paul 70
Leith, Richard 69
Morrison, Pete 69
Robertson, Chris 68
Dudley, John 65
Stone, Jamie 64
Blain Ivan 64
Bennett, Tony 63
Smith, Grant 62
Kerr, Philip 62
Wilson, Brian S 61
Molloy, Terry 60
Ferriman, Bruce 58
Clarke, Brent 57
Fisher, David 56
Moorhead, Murray 55
MacDonald, Neil 52
Doak, Bill 48
Lane, Guildford 48
Hawksby, Brian 47
Smith, Brent 47
Watson, Trevor 45
MacFarlane, James 45
Newton, Tim 43
Trewavas, Mal 42
Mee, Brian 41
Prebble, Derek 40
Williamson, Jeff 39
Johnston, Gavin 37
Donaldson, Bryan 36
Rickerby, Bevan 35
Clarke, Sam 35
Galway, Clarence 34
Gill, David 34
Green, Jordan 33
Stratford, Steven 32
Hetrick, Bill 31
Macfie, Paul 30
Ackerley, Geoff 28
Nuttall, Brian 27
Holmes, Mike 26
Green, Daniel 25
Bain, Peter 24
Douglas, Gavin 20
Hastie, Grant 20
Leighton, Bruce 20
Ngutu, Muri 20
O'Reilly, Terry 20
Stoddart, Lindsay 20
White, Alan 19
Tindall, Andrew 18
Daniel, Miti 16
King, Tong 15
MacAulay, Peter 15
Wilson, Bevan 15
Fechney, John 10
Morrison, Paul 10
Hunt Perry 10
Holmes, Mark 9
Davis, Matthew 6
Anderson, Murray 5
Warren, Paul 5