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The Ashburton Golf Club would like to acknowledge and thank the following sponsors of the Midlands Seed Friday night teams. Their sponsorship along with your participation helps make this annual competition possible.

Midlands Seed – naming sponsor, West St, Ashburton, 308-1265
Gabites Ltd – 100 Burnett St, 308-5099
Mac & Maggies Hair Studio – 153 Wills St, 308-1341
Templeton Motor Repairs – 94 South St, 308-9584
BP Ashburton – 358 West St, 307-0167
Paul May Motors – 247 Havelock St, 308-3525
Members and readers are encouraged to support these Sponsors.

Midlands Seed Friday night teams Results

October 7

Top Team: X Cockies 90.5 – Tony Bennett, Gavin Johnson, Bill Doak, Derek Prebble
Ladies: New World Smokin Tees 78 by lot from Brandy Slice & Mixed Bunch
Men: Pakeke Pros 90.5, Wez R Good 88, Small Dimpley Balls 87, Screeming Eagles 86.5
Mixed: Slice n Dice 85, Elkarama 84.5
Top lady: Samantha Ingold by lot
Top man: Jeremy Rooney 35
Nearest the Pins: Templeton Motors – Nick Knight; Paul May Motors – Chris Bolton; Mac & Maggies – Barbara Williams; BP Ashburton – Brian Hawksby
Gabites Lucky Player – Bruce Ferriman, BP Lucky Player – Craig Goodwin

October 14
Concrete Blockheads 88.5
Slice n Dice 88
Top Lady -  Kaylene Speedy 34
Top Man - Adam Lowe 33 
2's  - Robbie Kok
BP Lucky Player - Andrew Smith
Gabites Lucky Player - Kevin Smith

October 21
Top Team: Small Dimpley Balls 89.5 – Jeremy Rooney, Matthew Groom, Devin Young, Tony Shepherd.
Ladies: Mixed Bunch 82
Men: Darlo & the Cats 89, Pakeke Pros 89, Screaming Eagles 88.5, Trying 86 by lot from Dude! Where’s My Par?
Mixed: Elkarma 87.5, Hit N Miss 87
Top lady: Nicola Maginess 32
Top man: Pete Lee 34
Nearest the Pins: Templeton Motors – Paul Stoddart; Paul May Motors – Andrew Robins; Mac & Maggies – Jonathan Grant; BP Ashburton – George Cartney
Gabites Lucky Player – Lal Mulligan, BP Lucky Player – Jonathan Grant
Twos: Tony Shepherd, A Hopwood, Blair O’Donnell, Greg Fleming, Merv Green, Sam Clements-Stewart

October 28
Top Team: Wez R Good 90 by lot – Kevin Smith, Terry O’Reilly, Brian Wilson, Bevan Wilson
Ladies: New World Smokin Tees 83
Men: Cunning Studs 89, Darlo & the Cats 89, The Big Test Iscicles 87
Mixed: Slice n Dice 90, Elkarama 89, Country Classics 88
Top lady: Judy McKeown 31.5
Top man: Pete Lee 35
Nearest the Pins: Templeton Motors – Sharon Carlson; Paul May Motors – Jeff Williamson; Mac & Maggies – David Fisher; BP Ashburton – Josh Ackerley
Gabites Lucky Player – Alison Hunt, BP Lucky Player – Don McLeod
Twos: Owen Miller, David Fisher
Eagle – Owen Miller

November 4
Top Team: Maccas 87 by lot – Geoff Ackerley, Josh Ackerley, Alan Thompson, Mary Buckland
Ladies: More or Less 85
Men: Occasionally Available 87, Coastal Sharks 84.5, The Big Test Icicles 84
Mixed: Yorkshire Pudding 85.5, Gabites Swingers 84
Top lady: Jenny Stoddart
Top man: Kyle Backhouse-Smith 34
Nearest the Pins: Templeton Motors – A Read; Paul May Motors – P Kerr; Mac & Maggies – T Argyle; BP Ashburton – C Alexander
Gabites Lucky Player – Brent MacGregor, BP Lucky Player – Dave Hewitt
Twos: P Bradford, Pete Morrison, Paul Morrison
Eagle – Tafuga Sa #9

November 11
Slice n Dice  91 - Kendall Lowe, Adam Lowe, Blair O’Donnell and Neil Thompson
Angry Birds 89
Top Man - Geoff Rhodes 35
Top Woman - Kendall Lowe 31
BP Lucky Player - Madeleine Stoddart
Gabites Lucky Player - Brian Wilson

November 11
Top Team: The Big Test Icicles 89 by lot – Pete Morrison, Paul Morrison, Dave Morrison, Jason Morrison
Ladies: Trott’s Lot 88.5, Brandy Slice 87.5
Men: Gabites Sloggers 88, Reads Rebels 87, Dude Where’s My Par 86, Michaels Lions 85.5
Mixed: Rate Players 89, TGIF 87.5, Vintage Wine 85
Top lady: Madeleine Stoddart 33
Top man: Michael Wong 32
Nearest the Pins: Templeton Motors – Dave Hewitt; Paul May Motors – Adrian Hopwood; Mac & Maggies – Ron Carlson; BP Ashburton – Pauline Bell
Gabites Lucky Player – Kay Donaldson, BP Lucky Player – Murray Wackrow
Twos: Jono Durham, Chris Ralston, John Richards, Brian Nuttall

November 25
Top Team: Hoppy’s Hopefulls – Wendy Hopwood, Kristen Williams, John Hetrick, Chris Anderson 95.5
Ladies: Trott’s Lot 87.5, Business Birdies 85
Men: Concrete Blockheads 92.5, Four Putters 91, Coastal Sharks 89, I P Nightly 89, The Fisherman 89
Mixed: Vintage Wine 94.5, Wait N C 89, Tee Partee 86
Top lady: Wendy Hopwood 35
Top man: John Power 33.5
Nearest the Pins: Templeton Motors – George Brown;
Paul May Motors – Margaret Bean;
Mac & Maggies – Ellenor Sullivan;
BP Ashburton – Rhonda Gallagher
Gabites Lucky Player – Eric Weir,
BP Lucky Player – Ruth Keeley
Twos: Gaby Jansen

December 2
Top Team: Four Putters 90 – Dave Welsh, John Easton, Hughie Murchie, Peter Huggins
Ladies: More or Less 88
Men: Concrete Blockheads 89, Read Rebels 88, Occasionally Available 87, Trying 86, Cunning Studs 86
Mixed: Stroke n Poke 88, Rate Players 86, The Cruisers 86
Top lady: Bev Chinn 32
Top man: Hughie Murchie & Alistair Read 33
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Perry Hunt
Paul May Motors –  Keith Gunn
Mac & Maggies – Glen Vallender
BP Ashburton – Ron Carlson
Gabites Lucky Player – Liz Pollock
BP Lucky Player – Clarrie Galway
Twos: Keith Gunn #8, Tufuga Sa #14, Mark Lemon #12, Alistair Read #12, Dave Morrison #12
Eagle: Tony Bennett

December 9

Top Team: The Big Test Icicles 90.5 – Todd Lassen, Paul Morrison, Jason Morrison, Andy Morrison
Men: Bunker Brats 89, Dude Where’s My Par 89, Occasionally Available 88.5, One Man Handicap 88.5
Women: Mixed Bunch 84
Mixed: Hit N Miss 90, Gabites Swingers 88, Hoppy’s Hopefuls 87.5
Top lady: Anna-Lee Henson by lot
Top man: Phil Hurley 35
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Sue Graham
Paul May Motors – Geoff Ackerley
Mac & Maggies – Greg Jones
BP Ashburton – Phil Hurley
Gabites Lucky Player – Bev Chinn
BP Lucky Player – Andrew Robins, Betty Wilson
Twos: Ken Borland, Grant Smith, Justin Bloomfield, Chris Anderson

The Final night for teams for 2016 is next week - Tuesday 13 December and Friday 16 December - an ambrose will be played that week.

December 16 - Ambrose
Top Team: The Big Test Icicles 90.5 –Paul Morrison, Jason Morrison, David Morrison, Peter Morrison 25.5
Men: Darlo & the Cats 27.2, Gabites Sloggers 28.5, Wez R Good 28.7, Bunker Brats 28.8, Concrete Blockheads 28.8
Women: Mixed Bunch 30.1, More or Less 30.8
Mixed: Gabites Swingers 28.6, Angry Birds & The Bogey Men 28.9, Stroke n Poke 29.6
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors –  not found yet
Paul May Motors – The Fishermen
Mac & Maggies – Dallas Paterson
BP Ashburton – Richard Ashford
Gabites Lucky Player – Len Hunt
BP Lucky Player – Teressa Eden

January 6
Top Team: Periwinkles 90
Men: One Man Handicap 88.5, 2= Darlo & the Cats, Concrete Blockheads, Mikes Mob 87
Women: Mixed Bunch 83.5
Mixed: Slice n Dice 85
Top lady: Cindy Meadows 33
Top man: Geoff Cantrell 34
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Tony Bennett
Paul May Motors – Sharon Carlson
Mac & Maggies – Len Hunt
BP Ashburton – Paddy Bradford
Gabites Lucky Player – Mark Lemon
BP Lucky Player – Keith Gunn

January 13
Top Team: Darlo & the Cats 100 – Ben Crequer, Peter Lee, Ben Wright, Nathan Wightman
Men: Henpecked 95, Bunker Bratts 92, Probians 92, Michaels Lions 89.5
Women: New World Smoking Tees 90.5, More or Less 88
Mixed: Angry Birds & the Bogey Man 89, Gabites Swingers 87, Slice & Dice 86
Top lady: Sheryl Reid 31.5
Top man: Ben Crequer 37
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Sharon Bradford
Paul May Motors – Geoff Ackerley
Mac & Maggies – Jason Morrison
BP Ashburton – Mary-Lou Watson
Gabites Lucky Player – Tafuga Sa
BP Lucky Player – Nathan Wightman
Twos: Bruce Ferriman, Tom Blacklow, Gaby Jansen, Gordon Clinton, Derek Prebble, Paul Stoddart, Beavan Wilson, Liz Pollock, Geoff Ackerley, Eric Parr

January 20
Top Team: Concrete Blockheads 90.5 – Chris Ralston, Greg Fleming, John Power, Tom Blacklow
Men: Coastal Sharks 90.5, Rad Rebels 89, Darlo & the Cats 88
Women: Business Birdies 89
Mixed: BRANZ 88, Tee Partee 85, Hoppy’s Hopefulls 80.5, Maccas 80.5
Top lady: Anne Watson 32
Top man: Greg Fleming & Paul Morrison 33
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Royce Jamieson
Paul May Motors – George Brown
Mac & Maggies –G McCormack
BP Ashburton – Alistair Read
Gabites Lucky Player – Denis Stoddart
BP Lucky Player – Chris Lovelock
Twos: Owen Miller, Greg Fleming, John Power, Liz Ayton, John Hetrick

January 27
Top Team: Dude Where’s My Bar 96 – Johnny Nuttall, Phil Hurley, Mark Evans, Chris Hurley
Men: ACL Hackers 92.5, Michaels Lions 89, Pakeke Pros 89, Small Dimpley Balls 88.5
Women: More or Less 92, New World Smoking Tees 85.5
Mixed: BRANZ 90, Slice n Dice 87, Rate Players 86
Top lady: Jeanette Montgomery 32
Top man: Mark Evans 35
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Adrian Hopwood
Paul May Motors – Gaby Jensen
Mac & Maggies – Jason Morrison
BP Ashburton – Mark Evans
Gabites Lucky Player – Robin Bennett
BP Lucky Player – Craig Goodwin
Twos: Mark Evans, Chris Ralston, Luke Maginess, Pat Turton, Andy Morrison, Jason Morrison
Eagle: A Hopwood

February 3
Top Team: Keith’s Kids 92 by lot – Stewart Bennett, Ivan Blain, David Henson, Jonathan Grant
Men: Darlo & the Cats 92, Coastal Sharks 88, Mike’s Mob 88
Women: More or Less 90, Brandy Slice 86.5
Mixed: Country Classics 89.5, Flying Balls 87
Top lady: Jemma Tutty 34.5
Top man: Merv Green 33.5
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Terry Molloy
Paul May Motors – Mark Banks
Mac & Maggies – Nathan Meadows
BP Ashburton – Todd Parker
Gabites Lucky Player – Bernie Davidson
BP Lucky Player – Madeleine Stoddart
Twos: Brian Fauth, John Hetrick, Jenny Stoddart, Terry Molloy, L Williams, Ivan Blain, Geoff Cantrell

February 10
Top Team: Mixed Bunch 97 – Jan Clucas, Christine Ross, Marg Read, Ruth Keeley
Men: The Big Test Icicles 93, Michaels Lions 89, Trying 89, Probians 88
Women: Brandy Slice 90, More or Less 89
Mixed: BRANZ 96, Angry Birds & the Bogey Man 90, TGIF 88
Top lady: Madeleine Stoddart 34
Top man: Alastair Bayly 35
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Not Struck
Paul May Motors – Not Struck
Mac & Maggies – Tony Bennett
BP Ashburton – Jan Clucas
Gabites Lucky Player – Peter Morgan
BP Lucky Player – Brian Fauth
Twos: 0
Eagle: Adrian Hopwood #7

February 17
Top Team: I P Nightly 92.5 – Chris Robertson, David Rush, Paul Houston, Bruce Day
Men: Coastal Sharks 90.5, Mikes Mob 89, Read Rebels 88, The Big Test Isicles 88
Women: Business Birdies 92, Periwinkles 89
Mixed: BRANZ 92, The Cruisers 90, Gabites Swingers 89.5
Top lady: Joy Nicholas 34
Top man: Brian Hawksby 34.5
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Todd Lassen
Paul May Motors – Todd Lassen
Mac & Maggies – Tafuga Sa
BP Ashburton – Brad Haskett
Gabites Lucky Player – Jenny Baker
BP Lucky Player – Jason Morrison
Twos: Brian Hawksby #14
Eagle – Dave Morrison #7

February 24
Top Team: Hit & Miss 93 – Deborah Baron, Michael Wong, Peter York
Men: Cunning Studs 89.5, The Fishermen 87, Dude Where’s My Par 86, I P Knightly 86
Women: Brandy Slice 86
Mixed: Gabites Swingers 89.5, Rate Payers 89
Top lady: Deborah Baron 33
Top man: Matt Tait & John Fechney 33
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – not struck
Paul May Motors – John Baird
Mac & Maggies – Ron Carlson
BP Ashburton – Peter Morrison
Gabites Lucky Player – Tom Wing
BP Lucky Player – Jude Stoddart
Twos: Craig Goodwin, Charlie Alexander, Ron Carlson, Pete Bruce, John Baird

March 3
Top Team: I P Knightly 89.5 – Chris Robertson, Paul Houston, Dave Rush, James McFarlane
Men: One Man Handicap 84.5, Cunning Studs 83.5, ACL Hackers United 83
Women: Baby Boomers 84, Business Birdies 84
Mixed: Country Classics 86, TGIF 85, Maccas 84.5
Top lady: Gay Lane 36.5
Top man: Gary Stratford, Dave Gleeson 33
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Brent MacGregor
Paul May Motors – not found
Mac & Maggies – Mark Banks
BP Ashburton – Dennis Stoddart
Gabites Lucky Player –  Eleanor Weir
BP Lucky Player – Adrian Hopwood
Twos: Murray Moorhead

March 10
Top Team: Darlo & the Cats 93 – Ben Crequer, Pete Lee, Brendon Donaldson
Men: The Fishermen 92.5, Screaming Eagles 88.5, X Cockies 87
Women: Trotts Lot 85.5
Mixed: Maccas 86.5, Wait N C 86
Top lady: Margaret Bean 33.5
Top man: Brendan Donaldson 37
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Chris Lovelock
Paul May Motors – Alastair Read
Mac & Maggies – Clarrie Galway
BP Ashburton – Vince Carr
Gabites Lucky Player – Charlie Alexander
BP Lucky Player – Jesse Devon

March 17 – Final Night
Top Team: Trying 93 – Kelvin Woods, Nathan Meadows, Brad Haskett, David Gleeson
Men: Pakeke Pros 90.5, Dude Where’s My Par 90, Screaming Eagles 87
Women: Business Birdies 85.5, Trotts Lot 85.5
Mixed: TGIF 89, Wait N C 88.5, Vintage Wine 86.5
Top lady: Sharon Carlson, Wendy Bruce
Top man:
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Greig Sparrow
Paul May Motors – Terry Molloy
Mac & Maggies – Nathan Meadows
BP Ashburton – Geoff Cantrell
Gabites Lucky Player – Andrew Rosevear
BP Lucky Player – Jason Morrison
Twos: Allan Thompson, Eric Parr, Sharon Carlson, Greig Sparrow

Top Teams:
1st Darlo & the Cats
2nd Concrete Blockheads
3rd Dude Where’s My Par
1st More or Less
2nd Mixed Bunch
1st Slice n Dice
2nd Rate Players
3rd Hit n Miss
1st Coastal Sharks
2nd Pakeke Pros
3rd The Big Test Icicles
4th I P Nightly

BIG thank you to our sponsors: Midlands Seed, BP Ashburton, Mac & Maggies Paul May Motors, Templeton Motors, Gabites Ltd without your support this competition couldn’t happen. Also BIG thank you to everyone who played in a team(s) over the summer and a BIG thank you to all the club members who helped run this competition. It couldn’t happen without you all. Look forward to seeing you all again next summer