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Great to have the first round of the Midlands Seed teams summer competition under way and great weather to go with it.

Results for WE 13/10/17

Top Team: The Burton Battlers 89.5 - Matt Tait, James McFarlane, Sean Strange
Top Lady: Kay Miles 30
Top Man: Graham McCormick 32
Womens team: Brandy Slice 85
Mixed team: Gabites Swingers 83 by lot, Rate Players 83, Hit n Miss 81.5
Men's team: Pakeke Pros 88, Screaming Eagles 86, Occasionally Available 85.5
Nearest the Pins:
Mac & Maggies: Hannah Young
Templeton Motors: Dennis Saunders
Paul May Motors: Sue Gutsell
BP Ashburton: Sean Strange
Gabites Lucky Player: Matt Tait
BP Lucky Player: Jan Clucas
Daphne Hinton, Hilary ward, Rhonda Gallagher, Dennis Saunders, Harley Shearer, Lynn Small, Brian Nuttall.

October 20
Top Team:  94 - The Big Test Icicles – David Morrison, Pete Morrison, Paul Morrison, Jason Morrison
Men: Mike’s Mob 89, Trying 85, Occasionally Available 84.5
Women: Baby Boomers 89.5, Whack n Watch 89
Mixed: TGIF 90, Periwinkles 88, Yorkshire Pudding 86
Top lady: Kathryn Green 35
Top man: Jason Morrison, Brad Haskett 34
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Vicky Moore
Paul May Motors – Nick Knight
Mac & Maggies – Marylou Watson
BP Ashburton –
Gabites Lucky Player – Denise O’Halloran
BP Lucky Player – Jamie Stone
Twos: Ma#14, Greig Sparrow #8, Brad Haskett #4, Adrian Hopwood #12


October 27
Top Team:  Wez R Good 93 – Kevin Smith, Bruce Ferriman, Brent Smith, Terry O’Reilly
Men: Pakeke Pros 90.5, Darlo & the Cats 87.5, ACL Hackers 85.5 by lot
Women: Whack n Watch 89
Mixed: Vintage Wine 86.5, Periwinkles 85, The Cruisers 83.5 by lot
Top lady: Gaye Lane 31.5
Top man: Bruce Ferriman 33
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Stewart Dunlop
Paul May Motors – Tonee Hurley
Mac & Maggies – Alistair Read
BP Ashburton –
Gabites Lucky Player – Bev Blair
BP Lucky Player – Ruth Keeley
Twos: Greg Jones, Brian Hawksby, Charlie Alexander, Alistair Read, Malcolm Stoddart


November 3
Top Team:  Periwinkles 94 – Wendy Smith, Joy Nicholas, Mike Smith, Dick Hanson
Men: Cunning studs 93, Probians 89.5, Mikes Mob 89
Women: Mixed Bunch 89, Baby Boomers 86 by lot The Follies
Mixed: Wait N C 90.5 by lot, Country Classis 90.5, Gabites Swingers 86
Top lady: Joy Nicholas 35
Top man: Steve Stratford 33
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Charlie Alexander
Paul May Motors – Heather Robertson
Mac & Maggies – Barb Williams
BP Ashburton – Bevan Rickerby
Gabites Lucky Player – Dick Hansen
BP Lucky Player – Jessie Devon
Twos: Adrian Hopwood

November 10
Top Team:  Engineering Solutions 96.5 – Murray Cook, Luke Maginess, Nicola Maginess
Men: Burtons Battlers 91, Pakeke Pros 89.5
Women: Brandy Slice 94.5, The Follies 94
Mixed: The Cruisers 91.5, GIIFA 89.5, Periwinkles 89
Top lady: Madeleine Stoddart 34.5
Top man: Scott McKenzie 37
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Brian Hawksby
Paul May Motors – Paul Morrison
Mac & Maggies –
BP Ashburton – Marilyn Walker
Gabites Lucky Player – Peter Walker
BP Lucky Player – Kaye Robb
Eagle: Murray Cook # 17
Twos: Steve Stratford, Madeleine Stoddart, Aaron Clark, Chris Lovelock, Paul Morrison

November 17
Top Team:  Periwinkles 96 – Tonee Hurley, Elenor Langford, Peter Woods, Kevin Hurley
Men: Burtons Burglers 88.5, Henpecked 88,  Probians
Women: Watch n Wait 88, Mixed Bunch 87
Mixed: Country Classics 86, Yorkshire Puddings 85
Top lady: Tonee Hurley & Elenor Langford 32
Top man: Bruce Ferriman 33
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Brenton Donaldson
Paul May Motors – Jonathan Grant
Mac & Maggies – Alison Vessey
BP Ashburton – Vicki Moore
Gabites Lucky Player – Garth Madden
BP Lucky Player – Brent Smith
Twos: Sam Clarke, Jenny Stoddart, Cheryl Yates, Johathan Grant, Greig Sparrow

November 24
Top Team:  Burtons Burglars 96 – Jordan Bird, Sean Strange, James McFarlane, Tom Blacklow
Men: The Big Test Icicles 91, Henpecked 87.5, Probians 87, Cunning Studs 86.5
Women: The Follies 88, Business Birdies 84.5
Mixed: Hit n Miss 88.5, Tee Partee 88, Country Classics 87, Vintage Wine 87
Top lady: Rhonda Gallagher 30.5
Top man: Geoff Rhodes 34
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Perry Hunt
Paul May Motors – Sharon Bradford
Mac & Maggies – Wendy Bruce
BP Ashburton – Brian Nuttall
Gabites Lucky Player – Colin Fleming
BP Lucky Player – Steve Sowman
Twos: David Rush, John Fechney, Ken Borland, Daphne Hinton


December 1

Top Team: Gabites Swingers 100.5 – Sharon Carlson, Ron Carlson, Eric Parr, Teresa Eden
Men: Mikes Mob 94, Trying 90, Bunker Brats 89
Women: Baby Boomers 96.5, Business Birdies 93.5
Mixed: Periwinkles 92.5, Slice n Dice 89, The Cruisers 88.5
Top lady: Sharon Carlson 35
Top man: Steve Taberner 36
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Cheryl Yates
Paul May Motors – David Gleeson
Mac & Maggies – Adrian Hopwood
BP Ashburton – Pete Morrison
Gabites Lucky Player – Ben Hobson
BP Lucky Player – Paul Morrison
Twos: Kaye Donaldson, Dave Hampton, Pater Walker, Paddy Bradford, Adrian Hopwood, Pete Morrison

December 8
Top Team:  Wait n C 93.5 – Dave Hewitt, Ken Borland, Kath Read, Alison Hunt
Men: Reads Rebels 90.5, Keith’s Kids 90, The Fishermen 88.5, Henpecked 88
Women: Mixed Bunch 91.5, Trotts Lot 86
Mixed: Maccas 88.5, Stroke n Poke 88, Hoppy’s Hopefuls 88
Top lady: Wendy Hopwood, Ruth Keeley 32.5
Top man: Ken Borland 33.5
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Wendy Hopwood
Paul May Motors – Gaby Jansen
Mac & Maggies –
BP Ashburton –  
Gabites Lucky Player – Ben Hobson
BP Lucky Player – Deb Barron
Twos: Jemma Hurst, Grant Smith, Gaby Jansen

Tuesday 19 December
1st Slice n Dice 91.5
2nd Bunker BRatts 91
Top Lady: Rhonda Gallagher 29.5
Top Man: Geoff Rhodes 34

January 12
Top Team: Bunker Brats 90 – Michael Wong, Dave Hampton, Hernando Marilla, Peter York
Men: Concrete Blockheads 89, Occasionally Available 86, One Man Handicap 85
Women: Whack & Watch 85
Mixed: The Cruisers 87, Slice n Dice 86.5
Top lady: Alison Hunt & Heather Robertson 29.5
Top man: Greg Fleming 33
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Rhonda Gallagher
Paul May Motors – Murray Moorehead
Mac & Maggies – Ben Crequer
BP Ashburton – Peter Bruce
Gabites Lucky Player – Joan Johns
BP Lucky Player – Kevin Strange
Eagle: Bruce Henderson on #11
Twos: Dave Hampton, Peter Bruce 

January 19
Top Team: TGIF 101 – Kay Robb, Steve Wood, Peter Fougere, Wilson Hii
Men: Pakeke Pros 93, Wez R Good 92, Lions 91, Mikes Mob 91
Women: The Follies 90.5
Mixed: Handicap Chaps 97.5, Hoppy’s Hopefulls 87.5
Top lady: Kay Robb 36.5
Top man: Michael Wong 35
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors – Brent MacGregor
Paul May Motors – Steve Richards
Mac & Maggies – Kath Read
BP Ashburton – David Busch
Gabites Lucky Player – Graham Behrnes
BP Lucky Player – Judith Stoddart
Twos: Michael Wong, Wayne Smith, Ben Hobson, Jason Morrison, Kendall Lowe

January 26
Top Team:  Coastal Sharks 94 – Tim Newton, Lou Soal, Denis Stoddart, Larry Watson
Men: Burton Battlers 91.5, Occasionally Available 89.5, Cunning Studs 87.5, I P Knightly 86.5
Women: The Follies 89.5, New World Beauty Queens 86
Mixed: Vintage Wine 89 by lot, GIIFA 89, Slice n Dive 84.5 by lot
Top lady: Ina Divers 35
Top man: John Power, Terry O’Reilly 33
Nearest the Pins:
Templeton Motors –
Paul May Motors – Ken Borland
Mac & Maggies –  Steve Richards
BP Ashburton –  Lou Soal
Gabites Lucky Player – Peter Lee
BP Lucky Player – Dee Simmons
Twos: Greg Fleming, Ken Borland, Josh Ackerley, Brian Nuttall, Steve Richards

February 9
Top Team:  One Man Handicap 93 – Shane Beaven, Steve Tabener, Jamie Stone
Men: Pakeke Pros 90.5, Read Rebels 87, Burton Battlers 86.5, Coastal Sharks 86
Women: The Follies 92.5, New World Beauty Queens 91
Mixed: Morning Wood 88.5, Periwinkles 87, Gabities Swingers 86.5, Vintage Wine 86.5
Top lady: Joan Stocker 36
Top man: Bruce Leighton 32.5
Nearest the Pins:
Mac & Maggies –  Jono Hay
BP Ashburton –  Geoff Read
Paul May Motor – Matt Hunt
Templeton Motors – David Fisher
Gabites Lucky Player – Peter Wright
BP Lucky Player – Tony Bennett
Twos: Geoff Read, Marylou Watson, Sean Strange, Paddy Bradford

February 16
Top Team:  Stroke n Poke 96 – Mark Lemon, Sally Lemon, Peter Wright, Barbara Williams
Men: Bunker Brats 90, Pakeke Pros 89.5, ACL Hackers United 87, Henpecked 86
Women: Mixed Bunch 90, Business Birdies 85
Mixed: GIIFA 88.5, Yorkshire Pudding 87, MACAS 85
Top lady: Barbara Williams 39
Top man: Craig Goodwin 35
Nearest the Pins:
Mac & Maggies – K Read
BP Ashburton –  Ken Borland
Paul May Motor – Jono Hay
Gabites Lucky Player – Marilyn Cross
BP Lucky Player – David Rush
Twos: Ken Borland, Tim Newton, Johnathan Grant, Barry Jury
Eagles: Wayne Smith, Sharon Bradford, Andy Morrison